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Bringing light to untold stories of history and culture through art and technology. 
Historical Preservation, Digital Recreation.

Current Exhibition: Corona Art Gallery

Due to the temporary nature of NYC's plywood murals and public artworks, our gallery digitally preserves pieces which may have otherwise been destroyed. These historic pieces will live on indefinitely inside the digital world, creating a virtual experience, from casual to educational, that will exist for generations to come. 

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Pop-Ups will bring important pieces of history to the masses, continuing to spread the artworks' demand for progress.

in-person exhibits

Education: Art in the Community

MXD WRLD will hold Artist Talks with schools throughout the globe. These talks will explore concepts such as Art & Personal Healing, Art & Community Revival, Art & Therapy, Art & Business, and many more.

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Illuminated Structure

Our Vision: Bringing Light to Untold Stories

Our vision is to create world class physical and mixed reality experiences that connect individuals to culturally impactful art while breaking down the socioeconomic barriers of arts education. 

art & technology

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