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3D Scanning Artwork by Osiris Rain  at Flint Public Art Project, 2022, Flint, MI.

Flint Public Art Project

When many think of Flint Michigan, they think of the Water Crisis, Boarded Up Buildings, and Abandoned Buick Factories that once employed thousands of Flint, Michigan citizens. What many don't know; however, is the blossoming vibrant Art & Music scene that Flint holds so proud. Thanks to Joe Schipani, the Executive Director of The Flint Michigan Public Art Project. Thanks to Joe and his recruitment of local Flint Artists and renowned National and International Muralists, the streets of Flint are now lined with hundreds of Murals in every nook and cranny of the city. These murals not only beautify the city, but also often hold important messages of social justice, equality, and so much more. 

Mural by Kevin Burdick (aka KevScraps) in Flint, MI

Mural by Inga Loyeva in Flint, MI

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