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Colorful Glass Objects


Our mission is to bring light to untold stories of history through art and technology. Through this process, MXD WRLD aims to recognize systemic issues, both past and present, providing engaging and educational experiences and programs for local and global communities.


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Co-Founder & CEO

El-Hadj Dieng

With a background in 3D printing, graphic design, and multimedia art, El Hadj recognized the vast ways in which these historic artworks could be digitally preserved and shown again to the masses.

William Bernstein

Will is a 3D Engineer, Street Art Archivist, Augmented Reality Artist, and Linguist. With a background in NYC public art and education, Will saw these plywood murals being carelessly destroyed and felt a strong obligation to preserve these pieces of history.

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Chief Advisor

Erin Ko

With extensive background in videogames and AR art, Erin Ko knew the mixed reality world well. Erin combines analog art-making methods with new media interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness, and Layered Experiences.

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Tech Advisor

Steve Soto

Tech Advisor 

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