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We offer 3D scanning services to any project of social & historical significance! 

Art & Technology

Virtual Gallery

We can create any Virtual Gallery for your personal art, artist collective, company, provided that your project aligns with our mission! 


Art & Technology

3D Digital Assets

We can take any physical object and 3D scan it in 16K quality, allowing you to have an incredibly high definition digital representation of your works. We can also create any 3D Digital Asset, whether that be a 3D recreation of your art, an idea for a 3D project that you're envisioning but don't know how to create, and so much more! 

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Art & Technology

Augmented Reality

Looking to create an Augmented Reality Experience? You've come to the right place! From AR Art Walks to Interactive AR Experiences, we help your vision become a reality! The snapshot above is an Augmented Reality display of a NYC Mailbox at Art Basel, Miami 2021.

Man in VR Cafe

Art & Technology

Virtual Reality

Are you looking to create a Virtual Reality Experience? You've come to the right place! As long as your Virtual Reality Experience is aligned with our mission, we look forward to hearing what you have in mind!

Man in VR Scene

Art & Technology

Mixed Reality

We have the capability of making Mixed Reality Experiences with both physical and digital art, incorporating the senses of sight, sound, touch, and even smell! 

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